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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 20, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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[distant siren wailing] (man) go to bed. wet weather is moving through the region tonight causing trouble on the roads. we're going to pinpoint whe the storm is now and where it's headed. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we begin right now with team coverage, chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the slow moving storm as it slides
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down from the santa rosa area. but first we go outdoors to ktvu's ken wayne in marin county and some of the problems refound. >> reporter: it's still raining in nevado and it seems any time there's wet weather and roadways that creates a dangerous combination, that was no exception tonight. this was the scene on highway 101 after a two car crash. one stunned driver was still trying to figure out what went wrong. >> i don't know how it happened. >> are you okay? >> yeah, i'm fine. >> you don't really look okay. >> as soon as i wash up i'll be fine. >> people in a hurry. not paying too much attention. >> we've been busy, we've got collision calls from various areas. but that's -- yeah part of the course considering the rain. >> reporter: drivers try to
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make their way home through the rain. it was a much more sedate scene in downtown petaluma and much different from tucson arizona. >> it's in the 80s and sunny out during the day and kind of chilly at night, it's very lovely there right now. >> and here you are in the rain. >> that's okay, i'm with my family on thanksgiving. >> good for drinking wine and reading books which are two of my favorite things to do. so it's a good excuse to stay in, drink red wine and read a book. >> reporter: roadways still wet at this hour. and the highway patrol tells us again that every time it rains, slow down. live in novato, ken wayne. moisture has been pushing on shore all day. but the dynamics are just now arriving. you saw ken wayne in the
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frontal system. the main dynamics, the main rain but it's heading out. first thing we point out is all the moisture. it's been wet all day. the dynamics are now just reaching the bay. you see some of the heaviest rain near millvalely. i got reports of heavy rainfall, maybe a quarter inch an hour rainfall out toward san rafael as well as out toward richmond. check out san francisco in the outer richmond, the outer sunset. the rain is falling out toward the loan mountain. you have rain out toward daily city and the bay view district and showers now down toward shark park in pacifica and san francisco airport. drop across the bay over toward emeryville up in broadway terrace. you have showers up in orinda as well. these showers now are starting to increase and they will continue to increase as we go through the next hour so as
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this system starts to work its way south. this is the general motion. it is a slow mover. this thing has been up in the north bay for hours it's now just starting to shift. when i come back we will time out the progression of this shift. there will be some in the bay area tomorrow morning. that's how slow it's going. tonight's rain is causing may job problems for people with travel plans at sfo. we spoke to the duty manager within the past hour and learned that 81 flights were cancelled. delays have been running 50 to 60 minutes. the faa restricted the number of arrivals to 26 per hour instead of the 56 per hour. >> when we looked at the
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screens, it looked like he was going to be at least 45 minutes late. >> weather delays in other parts of the country added to the problem. walking the picket line. the deal that sent strikers home a little early. a search is under way far man who fell into a quarry filled with water while searching for his cat. the oakland fire department water rescue team is in an inflatable boat looking for that man. this all started around 7:30 tonight off phopbt -- montgomery street on pleasant valley. if man went to look for his cat and possibly slipped through a fence. his flashlight was spotted half bay down on the hillside. we learned that the cat has been found.
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a ktvu crew is live. we'll bring you the latest. an amtrak train struck and killed a pedestrian. about 6 miles south of the jack london square station. the victim was pronounced dead on the scene the coroner has not released their identity. a second train was brought to the area about 8:30 so that passengers could continue with their journey. san francisco's board of supervisors approved a nudity ban today sending a message to nudists, put your clothes back on. >> things got very interested, protesters shouted then they stripped down. >> you're going against the majority of the people. >> reporter: shedding their clothes. >> shame on you, shame on you. this is not -- >> nudists rebuffed the supervisors 6-5-volt to ban
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being in the buff on city streets, sidewalks, plazas and other public spaces. >> it's basically telling people they should be ashamed to be naked in our city and that's totally wrong. >> the legislation has strong support in the community. >> reporter: supervisor scott weaner supported the ban after getting complaints on the number of neighborhood men gathering in the castro district. >> it's just gotten over the top and it's time to do something about it. >> reporter: some supervisors objected to requiring people to cover up. >> i am concerned about civil libertities, i'm concerned about free speech. i am concerned about just changing san francisco's style and how we are as a city. >> supervisor ferrell. >> but there was narrow support for the ban aáepb now san francisco will join many other cities to restrict nudity.
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>> why is it that nude expressive speech is okay if the city says it's all right in a certain event but it's not okay on the street? >> reporter: protesters plan to move forward with their lawsuit. >> shame on you, shame on you. >> reporter: this ban still requires a second vote by the board then approval by the mayor but also as expected this ordnance could take effect january 4th. after that frank and julie those caught in their birthday suits will be subject to a fine. the san francisco board of supervisors also approved an ordnance to allow the building of hundreds of pint sized apartments. the pilot program gives
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approval for 220 units. now to the supervisor of the santa clara county. george chiwakawa jr. is part of the inquiry. those include missing campaign usage and usage of his credit card. >> i don't want you to be - -shirakawa says he will speak on the controversy. a strike is now over thanks
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to a deal. it came at a steep cost to some and the striking union workers are still in need of a new contract. tonight the port of oakland is back open for business. late this afternoon we broke the news to workers on the picket line union leaders and port officials reached a deal to resume contract talks. >> i think it's great. i think we have achieved what we've set out to do. >> reporter: moments later a union executive confirmed it for the crowd saying oakland major jean quan brought both sides together ending a one day shut down. >> to agree to go back to the bargaining table. >> reporter: earlier workers stared down semi trucks and came face to face with frustrated drivers. francisco says not making his
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delivery cost him. >> we understand that they're fighting for their rights but we have our rights too. >> reporter: concerned that people say this strike is taking money out of their pockets. >> absolutely. but the important has been taking money out of our pockets for a year. >> reporter: union organizers says shuts down was a necessary step everyone though it went some truckers were caught in the middle. the port director said she hopes to reach a deal with workers. in oakland, eric rasmussen, ktvu. striking workers also picketed oakland international airport which is also operated by the port. the strikers said they wanted to alert holiday travelers to their cause. airport food and beverage workers joined the port's
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striking clerical workers and janitors on the picket line. hosz hostess said it is unable to reach an agreement with its second largest union the baker's union. the company's largest union the teamsters accepted concessions. hostess plans to return to bankruptcy court tomorrow. 18,000 jobs across the country will be lost. the company is expected to sell it popular brands such adds twinkies and ding-dongs. the major turning point that we learned about from the nurses union. and nurses say they are not happy. the dow industrials dropped seven points the nasdaq gained a fraction. markets were dragged down by
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hewlett-packard. executives of otonomy corporation lied about their financial status. it is now taking an $8.8 million charge. that news sent hp stocks slightly lower to $11.71. that is it lowest level in 10 years. rain is coming downright now. i'm tracking where it's headed next and the impact in your morning commute. >> cal football coach fired what we found out about his huge salary and how much he still owed. >> firefighters tell us they're battling a crisis. >> we're all trying to work through this but it's just too wrong. >> find out why one firefighter issking the city for help for her family.
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only on two tonight, san francisco fire commissioner gathered to speak on an overtime -- >> reporter: she and other firefighters tell us they dread this list which is posted at fire stations every morning. that requires some firefighters to work over time. for the past two years the fire department has been requiring
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firefighters to work mandatory overtime to cover a staffing shortage. tonight gibbs attended a fire commission meeting to ask for help. she told us her situation is difficult. her husband is a san francisco police officer who also has to work mandatory overtime. >> it's just imposing way too much stress. way too much stress. >> reporter: gibbs says it's hard to find child care on short notice. the 14 year veteran anticipates she will work over time again on thanksgiving. >> i am going to go home tonight and put my kids to bed. then i have to cook an entire thanksgiving dinner for 13 people because i don't know if i'm going to come home on thursday. >> reporter: but the fire department says that the overtimes are necessary. >> we're doing the best we can. >> reporter: but department says right now there are 1,370 firefighters, that's 180 short
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of what it calls quote comfortable staffing. the firefighters union disagrees, it says the department is short 150 firefighters. >> we're all trying to work through this. but it's just too long, too much aren't tonight the fire commission approved to ask the commission for more firefighters. an arsonist is on the lose in vallejo and may be responsible for the latest suspicious fire at a home on tennessee street. >> the disbelief, absolute disbelief that this could happen. >> reporter: today the homeowner showed ktvu the damage, she says no one was living there when the fire broke out about 8:30 last night. now investigators are trying to determine if this fire is related to three other suspicious fires in the same area last year. a man convicted of gunning down his ex-girlfriend and another man at the richmond san rafael bridge should be put to
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death. it took the contra costa jury two days to deliberate the fate of nathaniel burress. the same jury convicted burress of first degree murder earlier this month. san francisco 49ers head coach jim harbaugh was back at the doctors office today for a follow up to his heart procedure. as a result the 49ers cancelled his scheduled newsen conference a day after the 49ers crushed the bears. the coach turns 49 next month. uc berkeley fired its high paid head football coach hetford today. as david chambers reports, he leaves a lasting contribution
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on campus and is credited for the winning program. >> coach tedford released this statement. i am so grateful to all the of the coaches, players and support staff for playing. >> i love coach tedford, coach ted ford is the reason i'm here. >> i would have liked to see coach tedford here. that was my head coach, the coach i planned on finishing college with. but as anything in life you have to roll with the punches. >> reporter: although tedford will no longer be on the
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sideline he's left a lasting yet controversial legacy on campus. the newly built stadium. >> it's awesome. we don't have to go to at&t anymore. >> reporter: cal has hired a new firm to hire a new coach. in berkeley, i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now, tedford was the highest paid public employee in the state of california with the salary of $2.3 million a year. his contract with cal ran through the 2015 season. that means the university could owe him as much as $6.9 million for the remaining three years of his contract. showers are falling out there now.
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live storm tracker 2 2 picking up showers in san francisco. the rain has been picking up, the dynamics in the front are now upon us. it's been in the north bay all day. berkeley right now we're just talking about the campus up by the campus, heavy rain. heavy rain along the bay shore. more heavy rain as you get into the grizzly peak area. up in the called the caldecut tunnel area. up here in napa you have some showers. then you head south and san mateo you're getting showers. it's starting to sag through. this thing is dragging, barely moving. san jose what's going on? nothing. some drizzle at best. i'm going to show you how it steps through time as we head through tomorrow morning. and there's going to be some of this left over for the morning commute. see you back here. a san jose charity is trying to put a thanksgiving meal on as many tables as possible. city team international handed out turkeys and the fixings to
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3,000 families. city team also served up turkey dinners to hundreds of people today and it will continue to do so in the coming days. the head chef says the goal is to put a little joy in the lives of their guests. >> a package stolen right off of a front porch in seven minutes, a video police hopes will lead to an arrest and how you can protect yourself. >> and toys being called toxic. >> and a a rescue team searches for a man who fell into a quarry. we're working on a development for you.
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there is a major change tonight in the labor despite involving bay area nurses at ten local hospitals. >> what do we do? >> stand up, fight back. >> nurses staged walk outs tonight in several hospitals.
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health care corporation of america. now fishes at one hospital sutter delta have decided to uni laterally implement parts of the disputed contract. nurses tell us there's a lot at stake and they're not happy. >> we have no sick time, we lose our health care. we would lose our education leave. >> that's really in line with police, fire, teachers. >> the strikes were scheduled to last one or two days but some hospitals say they will lock the nurses until friday. a holiday warning tonight about hazardous toys from a well known consumer group. the california public interest research group released its 27th annual trouble in toy land list today. it's a survey of toys that it says are hazardous to children
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and adolesence. >> when two magnets are in a child's abdomen, even if they're in separate parts of the about because they're so strong they will find each other. >> some toys have small parts that make a choking hazard. others have high contents of led. the new eastern span of the bay bridge is now suspended. crews say they have finished lifting it. it's weight is now supported by the single one mile long cable that acts as a sling. when completed the bay bridge will be the longest suspension bridge of its kind in the world. it is set to open next labor day. >> there's optimistic news tonight from the federal government on the housing recovery.
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the commerce department says builders broke ground on 866,000 new homes last month. that is the largest number of new homes and apartments since july of 2008. and it is 87% higher than at the depth of the recession in april of 2009. emeryville based jamba juice announced the company the planning to open 135 stores in california. the expansion will take place over the next six to seven years. right now there are about 800jamba juice stores across the year. >> dangerous diseases that could infect millions. we uncover the breeding ground and show you what's being done to protect us. caught on camera in fremont. the bold thief who stole a package off this porch and how you can keep yourself from becoming a victim this holiday season. n
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more now on our developing story of that search at an oakland quarry. here's a live picture of the scene. the fire department is leading the search for that man who apparently fell from a steep side to the water. the man reportedly went out to look for his cat and never returned. the alameda sheriff's dive team is now preparing to search the water. >> reporter: police in fremont are doing something they have never done before to try to catch a thief. they are putting surveillance video of a burglary on you tube. ktvu's matt keller is here now with the case that shows a woman stealing a package right off the porch of a home. >> reporter: i just spoke to fremont police and they tell us so far they have not made an arrest in this case. as officers warn more thefts of
10:31 pm
packages could be coming this holiday season. >> reporter: this is video from trevor fiatal's torch and a woman she does not know. in fact, that same camera captured my photographer and i tonight and e-mailed this photo to trevor while we were still standing on the porch. >> at a minimum, a camera that covers your front porch and the area where your packages are going to be delivered is super helpful. >> reporter: internet shopping becomes more and more popular. leaving special instructions on where to put the package is required. >> you can also ask your package delivery company to hold your package if they have a local delivery center in
10:32 pm
hopes that they will do that for you. >> i do hope they catch the folks who did this because usually it's not just one theft. >> reporter: the fremont police department put the video on you tube and so far it has more than 300 views. they hope someone will recognize the woman and call police. by the way did replace trevor's boots for free. reporting live in fremont, matt keller. >> reporter: oakland police say they were able to locate three armed robbery suspects thanks to electronic tracking software installed on stolen cell phones. the three were arrested about 8:30 last night near 13th avenue and east 31st street. police say they found a replica firearm on a suspect car. in both cases three suspects robbed a woman at gunpoint. two of the suspects were only 17 years old, the third is 18. a deadly collision on
10:33 pm
interstate 80 in hercules blocked traffic for two hourless. a woman was thrown in two vehicles that collided around 2:30 this afternoon. she died at the scene. her name is still not been released. the california highway patrol shut down all but one of the eastbound lanes to traffic so officers could investigate. there is still no word tonight on what caused that crash. talks on a seize fire between israel and hamas in the gaza strip have still not reached a deal. rita williams reports on the negotiations everyone as the death toll continues to rise. >> reporter: violence intensified on both sides today perhaps the last show of strength to help at the bargaining table. and the death toll continued to rise. in gaza officials say air strikes have killed 133 pelestinians. and in israel rocket strikes have dilled five people. the first israel -- have killed five people. the first israeli fatality
10:34 pm
today, an 18-year-old soldier. >> it's very difficult on the israeli population on having to deal with the stresses of what feels like a war. >> that's the backdrop for the seize fire talks taking place in egypt. president obama talked for the third time in 24 hours with egypt's president. he's trying to broker a real. and hillary clinton arrived in israel. >> the goal must be a durable outcome that promotes stability and advances the security and legitimate operational of israeli and pelestinians alike. >> reporter: i spoke to now cnn correspondent sarah sidner who says people on both sides now want more than just a temporary seize fire. >> all of this talk that is going to be this long or that long they really want a permanent solution. getting to that a very difficult thing to do. >> in the meantime she says pelestinians and israelis will settle for a period of calm
10:35 pm
until cooler heads come up with a more lasting resolution. rita williams, ktvu news. >> we have posted our unedited interview with sarah sidner. in san francisco tonight, dozens of people came out to observe the 14 trend gender day. the mother of newark transgender teen arajo, spoke to the crowd. 265 transgender people were killed around the world from november last year to november this year. 15 of them liveded in the united states. >> the great majority of them right-hand turn doing anything. they are just trying to be who they are and they are murdered for it. that has to stop and we will not stop until we get there.
10:36 pm
>> reporter: theresa spark says education is critical in addressing anger toward transgender people. a teenage video is now a hit video. how about that, the song is called the perfect you and it was written by 13-year-old hannah rose of discovery bay. she says she was enpowered by jessica -- >> who's behind an effort to make contraceptives available over the counter. and back here in just ten minutes, live storm tracker 2 is lit up. it's raining out there right now. i'm going to tell you how long it will last and how it's going
10:37 pm
to impact that big travel day tomorrow. >> the man behind elmo calls it quits. the multi million dollar lawsuit against him. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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the long time puppeteer and voice of elmo resigned today after he was sued by a man who claims they had a sexual relationship when he was a teen. today kevin clash released a statement saying he is resigning with a heavy heart. the 24-year-old man who came forward today is suing clash for $5 million in damages. he claims they met on a gay internet chat room when he was 15 and clash was in his 40s. >> the truth is in retrospect it has occurred to me how truly inappropriate my relationship
10:40 pm
with kevin was. >> the first man who came forward saying he was in a relationship with clash now says he wants to withdraw his retraction. police served search warrants in a trailer park. two people were killed in an explosion on november 10th that leveled several homes. in news of the world tonight in cambodia, president obama attended a summit of asian leaders. the president urged china and its neighbors to end a territorial dispute over a group of uninhabited islands. closed door discussioned apparently grew heated and there was no resolution. this was the final day of the president's trip to southeast asian. in france. the government denied the
10:41 pm
lowering -- the french president said the country just needs more time for reforms to take effect. france is europe's second economy. southwest company founder says in a blog he is hiding in plain sight. belize authorities say they want to question him. mcafee says he's been wearing a number of different disguises and has been watching police and reporters stake out his home. he also insists he did not kill his neighbor. the american college of obstretitans says approximately half of all u.s. pregnancies are unplanned something that costs an estimated of $11 million a year. easier access would help curb
10:42 pm
that problem. plans to put fluoride in santa clara is moving forward. putting fluoride in the water would cost more than $4 million but sporters say it would help avoid tooth decay. a report from city managers says plastic bag litter was cut in half this year compared to last. the report following this year's clean up of hot spots at 32 creek location. san jose's bring you bag ordnance was implementedded at the beginning of the year. the city considered the healthiest for women. >> they're in the ocean and in the rest of nation; we investigate viruses that are now evolving to infect humans. >> and our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking rain right now. you see it there on storm tracker 2. he's here for a timetable of how long the holiday weekend will play out. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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our special report tonight, new evolving viruses that are becoming more dangerous than ever. tonight john fowler shows us how local researchers are in a race against time to discover the mutations and protect the human race. >> reporter: it came from the sea an invisible mutant attacking marine mammals. one of the new crop of deadly viruses suddenly adapting to humans. >> that's the frightening part they're so good at it it makes it difficult for us. >> reporter: marine mammals say they have not yet detected this virus. this virus killed about 200 seals on the east coast last year. it's suspected in a current unexplained sale die off in the
10:46 pm
pacific northwest. it evolved from bird influenza virus. >> they're really good at adapts and changes over time. >> reporter: the virus can also attack human lungs. there are no confirmed cases yet and some aren't worried. >> don't end up being as serious as we were told they would be. >> reporter: with the ocean teaming with viruses most of which are completely unknown to science, it's hardly a surprise that this new one popped up. but we've learned that researchers almost daily are discovering new ways that nature is trying to infect us. >> i'm constantly amazed by the fact that i believe we've only touched the tip of the iceburg. >> reporter: dr. chu runs the discovery center. he and colleagues are detectives searching the globe for unknown killers in samples such as this preserved human spinal fluid. they reported finding a new intestinal virus in sick
10:47 pm
california ch ilencalled the ms polioma virus. because similar viruses are causes other viruses including cancers. >> there's gi cancers such as colon cancers. >> reporter: they're now examining cancers from the yosemite hanta virus. that may have mutated making it more dangerous now to people. >> because we don't know when the next pandemic or the next epidemic will occur it's really important that we maintain constant vigilant. >> they do that with sequencing and computing. finding virtual needles in hay stacks of buy logical sentencing. >> because we know very little of disease in animals i think we're always at danger of having merging viruses that can cause issues. >> sars discovered in ticks
10:48 pm
plus all the others we talked about emerged in animals to infect people. viruses existed at least 200 years. >> i don't think we should fear them but i think we better respect them and try to understand them as much as possible. >> reporter: it's estimated 95% of viruses are unknown and continue to evolve. we're in a war for survival. make no mistake say experts. san jose women are the healthiest in the nation. that's according to a new poll from self magazine. only 8% smoke and almost all women in san jose wear seat belts. they also live an average of 84 years which is three years longer than the norm. the frontal system is now just getting into the north bay
10:49 pm
and working its way into the san francisco area. it has been a slow mover all day. let me show you about where the front lies. you see a big system to the north. that's impacting mainly mainly the pacific northwest. but the front is just north of us right now. as we go into the next few hours that front is going to slide south. here we have the radar shot you can see some yellows coming in just offshore off by san francisco's ocean beach. you see heavier rain here with the live radar sweep over of the richmond area. this is pretty significant rainfall. you have heavier rain out toward berkeley as well. millvalely mill valley has been having rain. as we head over toward martinez and concord, it's more widely scattered but it's getting there. the front is starting to organize and you're seeing more
10:50 pm
significant rain. you're seeing showers in hayward, out toward union city. it's pretty well grouped up here. the showers are starting to show up as well. you get the picture. what i can point out here are the wind. the reason i'm doing that as you see the frontal passage you get the good feeling for the front. as i see stronger wind at oakland out of the south. 16 at sfo, 16 at half-moon bay. that tells me that the front is lying around here. the winds are a little stronger. the front has already passed through. that's what we do to track these fronts. here's how the computer model plays up tomorrow. wet roads, widely scattered showers, okay. it's not heavy rain. none of it has been heavy. most of this tonight is going to be coming quarter of an inch, .1 of an inch. your get away is going to be a
10:51 pm
little wet. cloud and clearing. as you get into the afternoon commute, looks good. flight should be good, sfo should be good. oakland airport, visibility looks good. you get into thursday morning. some fog on thursday morning. you get into friday morning, a little more valley fog and rain stays north. it's going to be a nice looking weekend. we like the overnight system, i love it when it rains at night. you get up in the morning it's not going to be a half bad deal. it looks like really nice looking weekend. if rain should be out of here by 9:00, 10:00 tomorrow morning. and things should get back to getting drier. an orange carpet premier celebrating the giant's win. >> plus what we know about a famous boxer who was shot and critically wounded, sports is next.
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it wasn't a typical night at a castro theater as the orange carpet was rolled out. the film of the annual fall classic is put together by national baseball and narrated by california native --
10:55 pm
>> you have to figure the coach was going to lose his job. >> i don't think it's going to be a decision to get a lot of backlash either. the time was right. the truth is if you look at it truly, cal's football program in steady decline since the day aaron rogers was drafted. tedford never developed another quarterback. maybe most importantly cal has the lowest graduation rate in the conference, clearly time for a change. >> we have ambitious goals for cal football as an athletic program. as a university. and we have a broader definition of winning. it's wins in the win column. it's being great roll models in
10:56 pm
our community. but winning is what we intend to do. >> the here and now not looking too shabby for the 49ers. but the future could be scary good. you saw collin kapernick at quarterback and what that might hold in store. but everyone his performance could not overshadow what alden did in defense. any comparison between san francisco's defense and chicagos seems silly right now. >> coming in i think there were some questions about who may have been a better defense or just questioned us in general, i think we had a good night. i had something there. just story telling. >> there was a lot of time in chicago. >> i think we showed tonight who it was. >> one of boxing most's flamboyant fighters ever nearly comes to a bad end tonight in
10:57 pm
puerto rico. hector macho camacho shot in the face at least once. opened fire on camacho in the face. known for the wild costumes and out of the ring drug problems was struck in the jaw with a single bullet that exited his head and lodged in his shoulder. camacho is expected to live but at risk of paralysis. hector camachos is 50 years old. welcome the the spotlight that is lakers basketball in l. a. the debut of mike d' antoni tonight. he's a winner. will touch it to dwight howard. that's the way they drew it up. 26 points, 13 rebounds for howard. lakers up one lake over brooklyn. kobe drivers, lakers never trail after that. kobe six of his 25 in the final two pháeups. and that is the sporting life
10:58 pm
for a tuesday night. frank, julie. >> saw camacho fight once. very entertaining. >> and hopefully a full recovery. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu morning news will start at 4:30. they're following the search for a missing man in the quarry and how the rain will affect the morning commute. we're always here for you on
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